The Sweet Smell of Victory

Jim Runestad wins general election

Jim Runestad wins general election

Over a year ago the political campaign began for a man who ran for county commissioner. That man, is Jim Runestad of Oakland County, Michigan.

After countless hours of consulting, designing a logo around the slogan of “Run with Runestad”, creating many fliers, postcards, brochures, banners, yardsigns and a website…all of the hard work for the marketing side of his campaign has come to a close and thankfully, with a tremendous victory! Not only did he win, but it was a large margin of over 13 percent in a four-way race.

With my part in a tireless campaign that was helped out with a great campaign manager, Jim Thienel, a plethora of volunteers in Michigan, as well as the candidate himself…so much effort and money went into this campaign success that it is indeed a sweet smell of victory today.

Run with Runestad campaign logo

Run with Runestad campaign logo

It’s an honor to work on such a dedicated, professional and smart campaign. Jim deserved to win after many years in the political landscape, and I know he’ll be a successful county commissioner.

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Grab Your Ammunition, Lock ‘n’ Load

After months of work from conceptualization, design, much coding and photo manipulation — Bad River Bucks & Birds redesigned website has just gone live.

Now, as many web designers/developers can attest, it’s not finalized. But, this is normal and the intent is to have the latest incarnation on the web as soon as possible.

Peruse the site and provide feedback.


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