Health Dimensions Group Poster

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to design a 2′ x 3′ poster that is to let employees know about a new quality hotline phone number. It’s a simple design that utilizes their Caring Above and Beyond logo as the focal point of the piece while using negative space to direct your eye throughout the poster.

Posters give graphic designers the opportunity to make a piece more a work of art than a typical newsletter or business card. Not that the smallest vehicle cannot achieve aesthetic bliss, but the printed poster is larger in dimension and so it can grab someone’s eye from across a room.

Posters are also a rare project in that they can have more lasting power in someone’s office or room because, if they’re interesting, people tend to keep a large poster for framing and then having that work add to the room’s decor.

Thanks Betty for yet another opportunity to work for HDG!

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