Michigan Family Defender Newsletter and E-blast

Michigan Family Defender Newsletter

Michigan Family Defender Newsletter

Communication…that is the key job of a graphic/web designer. Success is judged by how well your message is presented, received and remembered.

The Family Rights Coalition (FRC), in Michigan, recently have been coalescing politicians, authors and advocates to write articles for a very powerful newsletter that trumpets their cause. The first issue (eight pages) was well received and has increased the esteem of FRC according to their president. The second issue has doubled in size to 16 pages and is perhaps even more powerful and provocative in its latest issue. Feel free to click here and download the PDF file to not only see the layout I designed for FRC but to also read the powerful prose these people have written.

Another way to communicate with people is by email. Plain email text is a simple and common approach to provide members, officials, clients and supporters with upcoming events or the latest news and publications.

However, you can also design a webpage that is emailed to those same people so that they receive a much more dynamic email. This “e-blast,” which goes out to dozens/hundreds/thousands of people at once can be much more effective because it will be a salient email amongst their other plain text messages.

One potential negative for the e-blast approach is the inconsistent appearance of the email itself in people’s email software, web browser and computer platform. However, myriad companies use this approach because of the reasons I mentioned above and they rely on the “if this page doesn’t appear correctly click here to visit the page online” phrase. It’s not perfect, but until technological companies accommodate these online differences, it’s still an effective option to communicate online.

Click here for the Michigan Family Defender’s webpage that is the source for the designed e-blast.

Incidentally, there are preparations in the works for Rocky Hayes Design to possibly redesign the FRC website in the coming weeks!

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