Bisskay Lingerie — the Brookings Arrival

The exterior of Bisskay Lingerie

The exterior of Bisskay Lingerie

Anyone who lives in Brookings, South Dakota had to drive 48 miles to Sioux Falls, South Dakota in order to shop and purchase high quality lingerie and body lotions — until now.

Bisskay Lingerie arrived at the University Mall in Brookings this December. Owners Bryon and Valerie Eaton (dear friends of mine) began the research and hard work to make the store a reality well over a year ago. With all of the people who live and work in Brookings, and the surrounding communities — as well as the thousands of students that attend South Dakota State University, Brookings seemed like a terrific location for a lingerie store — and they were right.

Interior photo of Bisskay Lingerie

Interior photo of Bisskay Lingerie

With the assistance of Denise Dieterrle (also a dear friend of mine) of Montgomery’s Furniture, with South Dakota locations in Madison and Sioux Falls, the interior of Bisskay Lingerie isn’t your typical retail store. When customers enter the store the typical response is that it’s gorgeous, classy and exudes a relaxed atmosphere. There are many pieces of furniture and decorations that you would find in a high class home that create the ambiance of shopping in someone’s living room rather than a retail store.

My participation in the graphic design of the business began with the conception of the business name’s spelling, to the logo/slogan verbiage and design. Bryon and Valerie are not only very good friends but also clients who I’ve worked with during the entire process whenever they needed my input and designs. With their hard work and discipline of not only doing business research, purchasing clothing and interior design services, as well as countless hours of doing the electrical and interior building construction, it shows their dedication in making Bisskay Lingerie succeed in Brookings.

Interior photo of Bisskay Lingerie

Interior photo of Bisskay Lingerie

If you’d like to visit the store, here is the location of the store at the University Mall. Also, you may join the Bisskay Lingerie Facebook group online. There you can find coupons, pictures of the store as well as many other members who you can visit with about the Bisskay experience.

In the coming months the Bisskay Lingerie website will also evolve into a multi-page website that eventually will include an online store so that customers can order products anywhere in the world.

Although Christmas has just passed, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and many special occassions will be in the near future. Consider Bisskay’s vast selection the next time you want sexy, trendy and risqué clothing as well as lotions and many other sensual, yet classy, products at Bisskay Lingerie!

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Facebook Phenomenon

I think I’m getting addicted to Facebook.

Now, I’m not suggesting that I’m on the website 24/7 and attempting to be “Mr. Popular” by requesting friend invitations to hundreds of people I don’t know. Actually, in just over two weeks I’ve made nearly 70 friends via this site…and about 98 percent of them are family, good friends or people from my past, many of which I’ve not been in touch with for well over a decade.

It’s fascinating to get back in touch with these people, many of which I wonder how we lost track of one another. Yes, things change, people change. They move, get married, have kids or your once friendship just sort of drifts as each of you hang out with others or simply become too busy.

The point in mentioning this is not only to advocate others consider looking into Facebook. If you’ve dabbled in other similar sites like Friendster or MySpace, you’ll find that Facebook is a bit more clean, conservative and easier to navigate. Plus, I’m finding potential clients and collegues interested in doing business together. The notion that I could actually get work from this site as well as connect to old buddies is a fascinating proposition.

Granted, if you’re looking for a site like this that is strictly intended for professional networking and job opportunities…you want to be a member of LinkedIn. But, Facebook is more casual and has a plethora of applications you can add to your website.

MySpace seems to be for younger kids who want to have websites annoyingly designed with hideous colors/backgrounds and loud atrocious music. That’s the problem with giving people carte blanche to website design.

So, if you haven’t already done so or if you have set up an account but haven’t spent any time on them, check out both Facebook and LinkedIn. If you do, let me know what you think.

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