About Rocky

So, who the heck is this guy?
It all began when I was a young boy drawing cartoons on my parents living room floor. My Mom thought for sure I was tracing a Peanuts cartoon but she soon realized the scale wasn’t the same and knew that I was drawing what I saw of Charlie Brown and the gang. From that moment on she signed me up for oil painting classes all through elementary and junior high school. After considering being a music major in college, I decided instead to focus on my other artistic talent of art. With my love of computers and having the opportunity to be creative and help people communicate through graphic design, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a career that’s quite rewarding and requires constant education.

Who are my usual clients?
The types of projects I work on are usually for a business, non-profit organization or a political campaign. I’ve had diverse clients who are electricians, television hosts, hunters and politicians. I’ve done work in vast fields of interest like medicine, senior housing, hunting lodges, family archivers, lingerie vendors, environmentalists, scientists and of course political campaigns. All of these are examples, but one terrific aspect of being in this field is that it requires me to meet new people and learn about their business or cause. And when I’m able to see that my work has helped them achieve their goals, it’s simply the cherry on top.

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