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It took several months for me to compherend the necessity of Twitter.com and its usefulness. A couple friends thought it was cool, some (including me) thought it was dumb and pointless. Since I also have a personal Facebook account that has the “what are you doing” or “what’s on your mind” space on the wall, why would I need to also use Twitter to type 140 characters or less into a mini-blog?

The reason is because since I first created my account, Twitter has become famous. Many celebrities, politicians, athletes, news and blog sites, and entrepreneurs are using Twitter to connect to clients, fans and friends (old and new). I’m finding myself posting many informative URLs (at least I think and hope my followers consider them useful and fun), as well as attempts at witty and pithy musings. I really abstain to tweeting what I ate, dreamt about and how I feel…simply because the etiquette says “no thanks” and I frankly think it’s a pragmatic approach not to do so.

My Twitter Avatar

My Twitter Avatar

Social networking continues to grow and dozens of websites exist for online communities to get in touch with colleagues, clients, friends and family. It’s a Twitterific way to stay on top of your favorite celebrities, politicians, news (global, national, local and parody) and techy geeky nerdy types and the latest buzz on all pertinent information.

Take a look at Twitter.com and see if it’s something that you too could find useful, informative and fun. By the way, I also enjoy using TweetDeck as my method of utilizing my Twitter friends, replies and direct messages…plus retweeting and shortening URLs is much faster using TweetDeck.

Check me out at twitter.com/DakotaVegas and don’t be afraid to retweet my tweets fellow tweeters! I do hope to make it to some local TweetUps in the coming months.

Sincerely your Twit, @DakotaVegas

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