The Sweet Smell of Victory

Jim Runestad wins general election

Jim Runestad wins general election

Over a year ago the political campaign began for a man who ran for county commissioner. That man, is Jim Runestad of Oakland County, Michigan.

After countless hours of consulting, designing a logo around the slogan of “Run with Runestad”, creating many fliers, postcards, brochures, banners, yardsigns and a website…all of the hard work for the marketing side of his campaign has come to a close and thankfully, with a tremendous victory! Not only did he win, but it was a large margin of over 13 percent in a four-way race.

With my part in a tireless campaign that was helped out with a great campaign manager, Jim Thienel, a plethora of volunteers in Michigan, as well as the candidate himself…so much effort and money went into this campaign success that it is indeed a sweet smell of victory today.

Run with Runestad campaign logo

Run with Runestad campaign logo

It’s an honor to work on such a dedicated, professional and smart campaign. Jim deserved to win after many years in the political landscape, and I know he’ll be a successful county commissioner.

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  1. atta boy rocky! congrats to you and the team. truly a well executed, well branded campaign.

  2. Rocky,
    I just read this. I have been working on getting up my lawn signs with Jim Thienel. Thank you for all your help and for letting people know WE WON!!!
    Thanks Jim

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